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Thread: Computer Science or Computer Communication ?

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    I'am a Computer communication student (bs) ... in this major their is programming c++ with 3 courses databases and networking.. but theeir is too many electronics . digital electronics .. electricity .. computer orginzation assembly language... computer argicultue.. analog communication...

    i like programming more.. i like c++ php mysql java.. and now am going into asp and soo on + i love networking ..

    what i want to know pleasssse which is much important for mee.. computer science with ccna ccna . microsofts certiii .. or computer communication ?!

    and a silly question pease... what sellaries are given for a new computer science man? i know this stands for knowlege certification experience .. but at the begging how much it starts and how much it would reach after several years?
    and how much the world is and will use computer science'ers?

    sorry for my questions .. but am still a bs student and every one pass in this stage !


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