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Thread: If you have a Dell Laptop with Nvidia graphics read

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    If you bought a Dell laptop using Nvidia video in the past months or years you need to be aware of a serious problem that may have no symptoms until its too late and your computer effectively becomes a pricy paperweight. Many models are lemons with a defect that may fry your motherboard.

    Dell has known about this for some time and unfortunatley when you get the symptoms(graphic artifacts, split screen, Blue screen of death, freeze, etc) that lead you to do a search for the problem you learn that the symptoms pretty much mean your motherboard is most likely already damaged.

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    I wonder if this is related to ongoing NVIDIA driver bug that cripples or disables the video fan in some configurations? I got that, but luckily rolled back to earlier driver before my card burned up. I did read that newer computers may be stuck with newer drivers.

    EVGA released a hotfix so users may set the video fan to always run 100%.

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