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Thread: Help about Java Threads

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    Hi everybody..
    I wish U R OK!!
    I have a question about (Java Threads).
    My question is:

    Write two java methods. One is a compute intensive method (doing a lot of computations) and one is I/O intensive method (doing a lot of I/O). Measure the time for running both tasks as follows:
    Running both tasks in one thread.
    Running each of these tasks in a separate thread.
    Report both times.
    Which execution is faster. Explain your answer.

    I really need help in this question, so please don't disapointe me.

    Thanks alot

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    I haven't done java in a while, but I am pretty sure that the one with the calculations is faster than the one that has to call the IO. Calculating is inherited, while you actually have to call classes to use the IO.

    Or else, that's what I think.

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