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Thread: I need a computer or science simulation done to prove a poin

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    I believe Haitis earthquakes were caused by a tectonic weaponry device or a special underwater missile and so I need a scientist that is willing to volunteer to do a public youtube video about what would happen if a military force scanned underwater beneath Haiti for faults and then sent a missile into one of the fault cracks thus causing Haiti to have a large scale magnitude of an earthquake.

    I want to prove this to start an investigation of all the naval forces around the world and see if they caused Haitis disaster.

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    I should be delighted to assist if you can first answer these questions.

    What makes you think that an earthquake can be triggered by an explosion?
    If this were possible are you aware of the magnitude of explosion that would be necessary to trigger the earthquake?
    Do you understand that the seismic signature of an explosion is quite distinct from that of an earthquake?
    Do you have the misperception that faults are open cracks in the Earth's surface?
    What motivation would any nation have for causing the disaster?
    How do you account for the fact that the epicentre was onshore?
    Have you been suffering delusions for a long time, or is this your first?

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    If what you are saying is true, I doubt you would survive before you get to the bottom of it.

    I mean, if such weapon did exist, and I was in charge, I wouldn't want anyone figuring out about it even if it means sniping them at home.

    Also, polictically, Haiti is not the ideal place you would want to test weapons on. It's strategically not efficient, we don't need it's resources and it's near a certain country starting with U and ends with S that has a very powerful army.
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    I think you're asking how to create web-friendly presentation with dodgy premises, fake science... powerpoint propaganda...?

    YouTube's no good, because the comments flamefest gives your audience powerful second thoughts. It is better to put this on your own page so receptively-minded viewers invest their full attention. Then they may explore links you provide to banish disbelief.
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