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    I'm currently trying to make a tech/science blog using
    However, I'm starting to realize that I'm not going to get any views without advertising it. Are there any ways to get my blog known without having to pay a large sum of cash? Also, any other feedback about my blog and how to make it more appealing.

    PS I posted it here because it seems that a decent amount of people on these forums have blogs with a decent amount of subscribers.


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    You should use the search engine optimization to link build your blog in order your blog to be search able in search engines like google

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    Write a lot of genuine articles with genuine content. Use relevant links throughout posts, but not too heavy.

    Also, comment on other blogs, linking back to yours and, by all means, blog about other blog posts. Try to have a primary article once a day and sprinkle in one or two "check out this article at [other cool science blog]" -what will happen is that you'll get hits from trackbacks and bloggers checking their stats (they always want to know where people are coming from). Before you know it, you'll start getting link love from other blogs.

    Once the link love starts, the search engines will naturally pick it up.

    And, best of all, its due to genuine posts.

    You also have the advantage of using the Wordpress tag feature where wordpress users can browse by tags. Make smart, liberal use of tags and keep categories to a minimum. Think of categories as book chapters and tags as the index.

    But keep in mind, if your posts on your blog are relevant, fill a niche, and are of genuine content, you'll feature highly in google. Google the term "howler monkey vocalization" (without quotes) to see what I mean. You won't always be the top link, however (try the same thing with "dancing skeletons review" -my blog gets second link here).
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    I found the following links to be quite good.

    Ok, let's go.


    5. Aaand... there you go, .

    What I can tell you from my personal experience was, It was crucial that you update and or edit your site on a regular basis.

    The more often you'll update and/or edit content the better your site will be indexed by the search engine. That means, it will appear among the top ten results sooner than somewhere on the following sites, which comes in pretty handy in case you do not want to note down your URL anytime you tell someone about your site.

    Advertising might be a good idea as well, once you set it up and got it running well.

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