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    Ok dealing with the advancement in technology and the hype of W8 being 128bit I am wondering if any one out there knows a practical use for a 128 bit computer ( ie proc and mobo) I have been struggling on this for a minute or two. and I can not see why one would want a 128bit system for average usage. I can understand why I would use one and in what function I can use one with multi tasking and all but I can do just fine with a 64bit system and 6gigs ram. if a system is 128 bit then the proc alone could exceed 6Ghz and ram capibilities could be far in to 100Ghz if slots are aviable. mabey we will bring back add-on cards to ram slots being able to place a matched set with in one ram0 ram1 ram2 ram3 so on and so forth. but besides calulations and stuff liek that reserved for science applications what use would a regular person get from a 128bit system?

    Personally I am waiting for a logical Quantom computer to hit shelfs. I need the yes, no, Mabey capibilities.........

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