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    I'm just looking for some guidance on software engineering theories. Basically I have a University project to do developing the application for the iphone, the practical side I can do quite easily but the assignment also requires an academic paper.

    The paper needs to contain the latest ideas and theories in the field related to the final product (the iphone application). I'm a bit lost on were to start there are loads of books on software engineering but most seem to be about ideas and methods developed a quite a few years ago.

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    I am just now getting in to software butr a theroy is a theroy reguardless of the type.......

    Now do you have the application you want to build in mind...........

    if not figure out what you want the application to do and why it needs to do that. also include in your paper that the idea needs to be able to be expanded upon and during the creation changed to go toward the route you desire.....

    some places to begin is:
    what is this application suposd to do?

    why should it do what you want. ?

    what are the benfits of this application?

    what are the draw backs of having this application?

    what is the function of application? ( which si different of what application does)

    I do the same type fo steps when I take a product and hardware hack it.

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    Take a look at the IEEE Standards Description: 830-1998. That is IEEE Std 830-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications -Description

    Once you have your SRS figured out (as thedrunk noted) you can think about the development approach.

    From my experience: Soft. Eng. theories neatly outline how things "should" be done. Reality however may be quite different. Give this some consideration and keep your team/clients in mind.
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