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Thread: Finding a character number in a text file

  1. #1 Finding a character number in a text file 
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    Does anyone know a text editor with a character number search (in addition to the typical line number search) ?

    Im look for character number 504676 in a large file and dont feel like counting to over half a million :x

    thanks :-D

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    Well first of all I am just curious why you would be looking for an individual character in a huge text file. I'm not sure of any that will let you pick out a character but what you could do is use Word or a program like it which has a character counter then just delete from the end until the counter is at the number you want. You can then use the undo function to return the file to its original state.


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    Or you can write a simple script, and use such wonderful commands as seek and get.

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    Write a small program/script in whatever language you know.

    For example in python it would be

    text = file("bigfile.txt").read()
    print text[504676]
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    As you don't say what language you are working in, I will go with a pseudo-code example:

    - get the length of the text file (make sure its a least as long as the offset you want -to check)

    - open and read the text file into a buffer

    - use your search number as the offset to return the character at that offset

    char c = Str.GetAt(offset);

    close file, ta-da
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