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Thread: Power question concering a 30am 120v three prong outlet ....

  1. #1 Power question concering a 30am 120v three prong outlet .... 
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    Ok building a lan center and have a question how many computer can I place on a 30am 120v breaker with a dedicated line. each line will connect to X mount of two plug three prong outlets. ( standard house wall plugs) I am wondering how many systems I can place at each outlet? each system will contain a 800wtt power supply and a crt monitor for now till I can upgrade to a crt or led display.

    I have max capacity of 36 computers to fill, so I gess my question is how many towers per 30amp 120v/240v line can I support ????

    My goal is to support a 50man lan party using 4 walls so hwo owuld I go about utilizing the configuration?

    Plus I have a room dedicated for a server node or farm, hat should I make for my liunes and how many lines should I place with what type of breakers ?

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