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Thread: CS or CE Major???

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    To start off, Im a senior in high school applying to college as we speak. I love math and science (physics to be specific) and have taken a java class (which I also enjoyed very much). Besides choosing WHICH college I want to attend Im also having trouble deciding which MAJOR to choose. I've narrowed it down to CS or CE/EE. I know the differences between comp sci and actual engineering, but Im trying to figure out which would be more worthwhile: better classes, better work, better in the long run, more fun projects, etc. Also for CS, there are so many different areas to focus on I dont really know where to start. I probably want to do database or networking or security, but im not too sure. If yall have any advice on how to decided between CS and EE/CE i would greatly appreciate it.


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    I suggest you get copies of the course descriptions for the programs you are interested in and see which are more appealing to you.

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