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Thread: Help Choosing online school for CS - Networking

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    Having trouble figuring out what school to use, I am looking at University of Phoenix and South University Online.

    The huge difference looks like with phoenix you don't need to take so many foundation courses which are not relevant to what your main study is. I was not that great in high school which is what worries me about going to regular college, since you need to take so many prerequisites. Putting that aside, how do I know which school offers better classes for what the main study is? I want to have a computer science degree with a concentration of networking, can anyone help me out in figuring which school might be better. Ask me any questions to help you, help me PLEASE!! thanks

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    You need to make certain the program is accredited. If the degree program is not accredited, then it is worthless and very likely your degree will be too. I don't see any accreditation for the UoP in any computer science course.

    You'll probably have to do more research on the other, as their website does not give the specific accreditation they have except for nursing and business. The next link tells you how to check their credentials.

    Most people don't take online degrees that seriously anyway, you should really think about finding an actual campus to go to, whether or not you have the grades. Theoretically an online university should not admit you if you couldn't get admitted to a normal university.


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    I'm also thinking of getting a CS degree, just to challenge my mind - and program my own games.

    You should speak to the advisors and choose the program and faculty that you're comfortable with, because you will be working with them for several years. IOW, don't choose the best, because the best professors and staff may be a bunch of jerks who don't care about the students; choose the ones that you can work with.

    Keep us posted, because I want to get in on it too.
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    1.Bryant and Stratton College Online

    2.Colorado Technical University - Online Grad

    3.Everest University Online

    4.Kaplan Continuing Education

    5.Northcentral University

    6.Saint Leo University

    7.University of Phoenix

    8.Villanova University Online

    9.Virginia College

    10.Walden University
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