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    I have Vista and it's in Dutch so i'll try to translate everything as correct as possible:

    When you go to configurations > Programs (software)
    you get a list of all kinds of programs installed on your computer.

    The problem is that there's a program in this list i didn't use anymore so i removed it from my hard disk ,without removing it from the program list first and now there the program still is in the list.
    When i select it, i can't choose 'Repair' or 'Remove' or anything like that, there's nothing i can select.
    Normally it would say: The program can't be found, would you like to remove this from the list?
    It's not showing this either.

    So now i'm wondering, how can i remove it from the list?
    I read something about using regedit, but i can't seem to find it...

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