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    I'm posting this mostly out of curiosity as to what people on here think and because I am interested in computer graphics in the CS field.

    Do you believe that virtual reality will become more important in the future? Also, why has it seemed to have lost some steam (I rarely hear about virtual reality at all these days, then again I am not the most informed person)? Has virtual reality technology hit "walls" or has it been growing and expanding rather quickly?

    Thanks for any input, and hopefully this sparks some conversations.

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    Yes, I think that the virtual reality world will be a MAJOR industry on one condition: Nintendo does what they said they will and start to make their systems more virtual reality-like. Also, other developers need to come out and work on this field more.

    I also agree that the field has really slowed down, but I don't think it has hit a wall. I just think that no major progress has been made. SInce this field is so hard to advance in and since no one is really working on it, only little chips have beenbroken off of the huge boulder.

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