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Thread: Fix for VIrgin/NTL Pc's running slow.

  1. #1 Fix for VIrgin/NTL Pc's running slow. 
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    Anyone in the UK hooked up to Virgin (Formerly NTL).

    If your pc is running slow (ie the drive light is always on/flashing even when no programs are running.

    The RPS.EXE feature part of the antivirus PCGUARD sofware could be at fault.

    The cure;

    Close all open windows (print out this post first though), shutdown PCguard.
    If after a few seconds the HD light stops flickering and goes out then continue;
    Click on the Reset All Settings button and select OK for any warnings, then when prompted restart the PCguard.

    I think this might be a fairly common problem as there seems to be a lot of talk about this on the net, I have suffered from it for a couple of weeks, it persisted even after a total rebuild of the PC, this problem was eating 90% of the processors time for about 45 minutes every hour.

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