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    I'm researcher in computer science in a laboratory at the university (in France).
    We are at work on intelligent groupware applications.

    Intelligent = adapting HCI to the users' tasks (e.g. to provide a new pedagogical scenario with new exercices in the education field)

    We use the traces of activity to make this adaptation.

    We are cautious about analysing traces of activity in order to respect an ethical code.
    Users have to be warned about the process and can choose not to be traced.

    We have seen several domains where trace analysis is used to improve the application functionalities.

    We plan to provide on-line and freely a trace-based system of activity analysis in the next few weeks. We will explain the research model we use and how to use it for software appilcations.

    I would like to know if there are people interested to plug such a system to their applications to test the effects.

    The available version will be written in Java.

    All your remarks and ideas of corresponding useful services are welcome.

    Best regards, Cleophus.

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