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Thread: Cards

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    Jan 2008
    Hello. I am not that good at anything dealing with computers. I have no clue what is good and bad so i normally just buy what i hear my friends talking about. Recently my computer has been going to shit so i decided to strip it of everything but the basics. I may now in the market for everything. I was just wondering if this huge group of brainiacs has some advie.

    For your info i have the stock HP Pav. 1228x with only upgrades of one harddrive.

    I would like to have something decent but no getting into the thousands of dollars. Thank you so much for your help and open to any ideas or questions

    Your Idiot Friend

    John E

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    Jan 2009
    to be honest building computers is cheaper and u can tailor it to ur specs. if u dont know how or u dont have a friend who can build one, go to computer stores or websites and choose what u think is best. If u would like me to tell you great parts and lay out a great computer for u then let me know.

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    You're going to strip your old computer of everything but the basics? I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. The "bare bones" so to speak is what needs upgrade if you want a faster computer. The peripherals, like monitor and hard drives, you might be able to carry over.

    Agreed with the man of science. Scout for local shops ...ideally ones with parts strewn around and every employee's got a little screwdriver in the front pocket. They'll have some standard builds designed to give most bang for buck. If you encounter a problem or want an upgrade later you can drop the computer on their front desk and often get while-you-wait service, often no charge for labour. Your community may have a cluster of these businesses, competing.

    Pick one item, like a particular motherboard model - it doesn't matter what. Then check the price each shop sells that item for. You can avoid the ripoff businesses this way.

    The basic parts are interdependent so for example if you get a certain video card you'll need a compatible motherboard - that in turn narrows your CPU and power supply options. System upgrades generally mean buying all the above. Packages just have an efficient combo worked out already.

    If you want to play the latest games, be honest. Those hardware requirements don't compromise. In this case the video card is key, and the rest of the system falls into place.
    A pong by any other name is still a pong. -williampinn
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