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    Computer Science Students - Will anyone help out an MBA student by answering a few questions? We're writing a business plan for a global competition, and it involves a certain large, large, software company.

    I would like information about your cell phone habits...

    What kind of phone do you use? Smart phone or "standard" cell...
    Do you text? Do you surf the web on your phone? Do you check email on your phone? Do you just use it to make calls? What do you do on your phone besides the normal "making calls". (And if you're willing to provide age, sex, and state, that'd be awesome too... anything that will help us figure out what computer science students do w/their cells in relation to other students in the population.)

    If you would be willing to answer a few more questions so we can understand how computer science students use mobile technology for their personal/school lives, it'd be greatly appreciated... email me at

    Did I mention I am begging for any help I can get with just a few questions?

    Thanks so much!

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