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    Aurel Basic - is simple and small programing language-
    wich is dialect of BASIC ,and like other basic languages he share simple sintax and
    philosofie of programing.He is oriented to learn basics of programing for everyone.
    Why basic?
    Becose i love simplicity of basic and becose is easy to use for many peoples.
    Aurel Basic is not compiler - he is real-time interpreter. That means he execute source code
    per line written in his editor.
    ABasic produce only GUI aplication ,not console.
    I think that is enough for most users.
    He is good for learning how make programs on windows in simple way.
    This software is 100% Freware .
    You can find my other programs on Aurelsoft page.
    Aurel Basic is written in Creative Basic.
    author : Vidlanovic Zlatko ,Croatia 2008.
    email :
    forum is on :

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