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Thread: good skills for a young programmer?

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    I'm a sophomore at UC berkeley right now, studying computer science.

    After graduating, I want to somehow support myself with minimal hours/stress for a few years while i pursue other interests, and once i get tired of that go to grad school and enter industry for real.

    What are good skills to have if you want to be able to do this? you know, kinda be a low-life for a while, live in cheap housing, don't own a car, eat cheap food, and use your computer skills to your advantage to make better money than you would flipping burgers.

    i've already gathered that PHP, SQL, javascript, java, and web development in general are probably good bets...what else?

    looking for niche sorts of things, maybe things that other people don't like doing, where i'd be able to work part time (working from home would be nice too, but it is admittedly stretching it).

    sorry if this is a bad place to post this. couldn't think of a better place.

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    According to me, there's but one skill required:


    Just having the guts to not giving up or freaking out even though one silly character in your code is causing a stack overflow that costs you many long hours of your useful time.

    Trust me, I know. A semicolon once cost me days of work:
    while (!found);
    At those times you really think about becoming a simple pizza delivery guy.

    But, on topic now, the programming skills you require really depend on the job. SQL and PHP are designed for webmasters, while C++ is better for game developers.

    What I would advise is to know some low-level programming languages like C++ which require you to handle all the pointers and memory yourself which will teach you better programming habits. However, I think you shouldn't use C++ in a big project nowadays (unless speed really matters). Python, java etc are better alternatives.

    And as a final touch you could learn Brainfuck.

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