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    I'm going to the university (Computer Sciences) next year, and I've been looking at the timetables and I've seen there will be a lot of Algorithms.

    Now as I'm wondering, could someone give me some more information on Algorithms, on what they are used for, and maybe why they are this important?
    And how big is the share of Algorithms when developing programs or websites?

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    If you look up the word "algorithm" in any dictionary (paper or virtual like the Wikipedia), you will start asking more specific questions. Which, hopefully, will attract more answers.

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    Algorithms are nothing just a way to express your ideas and logics. Its quite difficult for any body to learn all the languages, hence to define a logic, which is to be conveyed to some, we use a simple sequential steps called algorithm.
    to draw two circles at a distance of of 200px, each of radii 20 px:

    draw(position, radii)
    drawCircle(position, radii);
    drawCircle(position+200, radii);

    * it dosent have a fixed method or syntex. if you can convey the meaning, its ok.
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