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Thread: need help for a Master in Computer Science Thesis

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    hi. i am blewcrush. i am new to the forum. i am currently writing beginning parts of my thesis but i am in the middle of a crossroads on deciding which is the good topic for my thesis in Master in Computer Science. Currently the topic that captured my interest are:

    1.) Correlation between Customer Satisfaction and Subjective Usability

    It seems reasonable to assume that there is a correlation between how satisfied customers are with a product or service and how usable they perceive it to be. There has, however, been no research on what parts of measurement of customer satisfaction that correlates with what parts of measurement of subjective usability. In this project you will explore the relation between perceived usability and customer satisfaction.

    Background knowledge: Statistics, marketing, usability.

    2.) Usability in IT-strategies
    In businesses today most of the time there is an IT-strategy as an important steering document for IT-development. The connection between such a strategy and a business strategy is not always crystal clear. Taken together we believe that they express a lot about the useful qualities that are needed from design of new systems. It is your task to analyze such strategies to find direct and indirect existence of demands for use quality.

    I found them from a couple of University websites listed as research project suggestions.

    They caught my interest because I like the idea of working on usability according to my experience in my past thesis.

    But to people who have been exposed to software, web, system, mobile wireless, or other technology developments, may I ask your advice if which one of the topics reaches the Graduate School level of thesis and what good methodology would be applicable?

    Your advices would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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