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Thread: CPU's and Architectures

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    hello "guys"

    That's my first post here. =]

    Well, let's start.

    While organizing my stuff for, who knows, one time start the real study, i have faced some trouble when trying to divide the sections to put materials and tools for assemblers.

    I was searching for informations about, IBM, Intel, AMD, Sun, ARM, ... processors and i thought that would be more easy find things about architecture, because a lot of CPU's can implement one architecture, but i was wrong, seems that each CPU implement a "new" architecture.I came from the world of high level abstraction, and i remember the API's, i don't see a common interface between those processors, i mean, even in one same company they make so much architectures, this is like "make one new paradigm for each day", something that is ridiculous for me ^^.Yes, we are humans, we make mistakes, every day, but that's insane for me!

    Which is the "best" way you people, think about make that division, by architecture or by cpu?

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