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Thread: Vitamin E in solution.

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    I'm doing an experiment where I must add frozen Vitamin E powder to methanol, and then add that solution to PBS. I think there must be an easier way of getting solid Vitamin E into solution than the method my PI has taught me.

    He has me add methanol to Vit E. to create a stock solution, and then add the desired amount into the PBS + media solution by pipette, while vortexing the conical tube with the media in it, if that makes any sense. This supposedly makes sure the vitamin E goes in the tube, and doesn't stay in the pipette tip.

    Does anyone have a better way to do this, or thinks the vortexing is just adding an unnecessary step?

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    instead of vortexing you could try washing it through and then do a recrystallisation? not sure if that would work

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