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Thread: Interesting Invisible Ink Problem

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    Hi Boffins and Boffettes,

    I need to create an ink that after application will remain invisible to the naked eye for a period of 4 days, (or thereabouts). It must reveal itself without a secondary agent (just time and normal environmental conditions), and needs to be made from non-hazardous, readily available (though not necessarily household) chemicals.

    Really hoping someone can help me. It's a bit of an esoteric request, but it's actually quite important.

    Thank you. :-D

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    your best idea would be something which is oxidised by air, and the product of this oxidation has a colour assoicated with it.
    for example rust.
    iron is oxidised to rust coloured iron(iii) by air and water.

    you would need to experiment with concentrations and some other conditions and test the rate of oxidation. then you can get the right conditions for your 4 days.

    the readily available chemicals could be a problem. but do a bit of research and see what you get.

    everything is mathematical.
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