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    I'm trying to find a charge table to balance chemical compounds, but I'm not finding anything on Google. Does anyone have a link or can you show me how to use the Periodic Table to figure out the charges?


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    A charge table, whatever that is, will not be enough. Many elements can have multiple oxidation states.

    Try this link; it will give you a better understanding of balancing chemical equations.

    Let us know if this meets your needs.


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    on a basic level if you take the first 2 periods as an example, you can say they all want to have a full outer electron configuration.

    looking at sodium it has 1 electron in the 3s orbital, if it loses it, then it will have a full outer shell.
    so the ion it forms is Na+

    you can look at the elements and their electron configurations and then see whether they would lose or gain electrons, and how many they need.

    however steveF is perfectly correct, certain elements have variable oxidation states. especially when you start looking at the transition elements thinks get a bit murky with variable oxidation states.
    this is why transition metals are good catalysts

    hope this helps.
    everything is mathematical.
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