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    Will do an experiment tomorrow to know how much vitamin C is in a bottle of soft drink.

    Will use the internal standard method of chromatography.

    It states in the instructions that I have to make a solution which has vitamin C and isonicotinic acid in. Both of them have to have concentration of 10 ppm. This solution is my internal standaard.

    So, if I understand well, I have a solution of 10 ppm vitamin C and a solution of 10 ppm isonicotinic acid in a flask. How the heck can I calculate the concentration of the solution?

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    perhaps if you titrate it against a standard solution you will find its concentration.
    probably something like 0.1M NaOH. find the endpoint and work backwards to find the concentration

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    Use this method for preparing any standard solution.

    Start with a solution of known concentration. Perhaps you prepared it yourself from the chemicals on the shelf. Then use successive dilutions to achieve the concentration you want.

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