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Thread: Theory of Galaxy Elements

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    you know how all over your body
    is tiny microscopic sized atoms?
    you know how they are round?
    well they are so small
    that the electrons around them
    if they were the size of a basketball
    are 20 miles around it
    so what if each cell was like a solar system
    and each electron thing
    is a planet
    all over our bodies:
    making up this solar system
    and what if we are just part of
    an electron:
    to a nucleus:
    on a cell
    in a bigger beings body

    if this is true, then each inner a sun to other planets of electrons
    then are we just an electron. And if splitting atoms is so powerful, maybe its as powerful as splitting our son?

    this is just a short preview of what I have written
    my Name is Chris Klein, I am a 17 year old in Washington
    I would also like to know what you think of this theory
    and if I have any errors in my writing
    it would be appreciated if you would be willing to correct my mistakes
    email me:

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    This theory is archetypal...meaning many people think about it

    If you zoom into an atom you see movement

    and if you zoom out on the universe


    well we don't really know

    either way, our visible spectrum crossfades with mystery both macrocosmically, and microcosmically.

    We have to work very hard to understand both the inward, and the outward.

    I believe before we are to understand what's beyond,
    we must first understand what is here.

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    the whole theory is just applying one observation to a completely different item. Just because things are spherical doesn't mean they're the same.

    It's a good guess... but I wouldn't say it's an educated guess... but nice to fantasize. Science takes imagination.
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