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Thread: can anyone help? all formulas included.

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    Note: a Unit is ((ΔA/Δmin)/(6220 M -1 cm -1)) X 106 μM/M X 3 X 10-3 L

    An enzyme sample contains 24 mg protein/mL. Of this sample, 20
    microliters in a standard incubation volume of 0.1 mL catalyzed the
    incorporation of glucose into glycogen at a rate of 1.6 nmol/min. Calculate the
    velocity of the reaction in terms of the following:

    C)micromoles/miligrams of protein/minute
    E)Units/miligrams of protein

    Of this sample, 50 mL were fractionated by ammonium sulfate
    precipitation. The fraction precipitating between 30 and 50% saturation was
    redissolved in a total volume of 10 mL and dialyzed. The solution after
    dialysis had 12 mL and contained 30 mg protein/mL. Of the purified fraction,
    20 microliters catalyzed the reaction rate of 5.9 nmol/min under the
    standard assay conditions. calculate the following:

    A. The recovery of enzyme after the ammonium sulfate step.
    B. The fold purification after the ammonium sulfate step.

    note: for recovery: divide total units of he sample by the total units of the crude homogenate and multiply by 100.
    for fold purification: it is the ratio of the specific activity of a given fraction divided by the specific activity of the crude homogenate.

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