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    Early afternoon today I was posting a response in the bioligy topic which took quite a while to post and needless to say my tea went cold. I've noticed this for some years and am wondering this:

    Why can you see thin white lines in tea when it has gone cold? Is it the milk separating from the tea'd water due to enthalpy?

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    I am not too sure about this, however I do think that it would be caused by Enthalpy, because the liquid (tea) definitely cooled, causing either an endothermic or exothermic (not sure which) reaction that would minimize at equilibrium (does not matter in this case).
    Since the Milk did separate from the rest of the content of the tea due to the shift in temperature, it is possible that the separation was caused by an (either) endo/exo-thermic reaction.

    Please enlighten me if I am wrong :?

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    I would have liked to have seen you make an appointment with a PHd chemist in order to seriously ask him that question.

    Yep, I think your right about that. But does some of the milk go to the bottom of the tea cup? If it does, then it might just be a matter of time before it naturally separates; have you tried keeping the heat on it over a period of time without touching it and seeing what happens? Maybe even, the heat since it is vibrating the molecules microscopically keeps everything mixed together, and when the heat goes away there is no more micro mixing and the two parts have a chance to separate.
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