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Thread: Organic chemistry problems

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    i'm preparing for a chemistry exam in about 10 days,

    its an A level exam (17-18 years old for those not familiar with UK)

    any good websistes that give organic chemistry problems for you to solve? i find i learn best this way

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    Down load a past paper, sit it in the time alloted, then download the answer sheet.

    a list of gcse's they also have GCE AS levels etc, BBC bytsize as well maybe?

    (AS level)

    God luck!

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    i agree, exam papers are the way to go,

    if you know what they are actually asking understand the question. know what they expect in an answer (marking scheems are useful) then you have a better chance of sorting out the information you need to know.

    dont be afraid to use the book for anything you dont know!
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodgod3rd
    dont be afraid to use the book for anything you dont know!
    Except on the day of the exam that is!
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