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Thread: Production of benzene

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    I have a problem to resolve. I have a basic process to production of benzene from toluene by the following reaction :
    C7H8 + H2 -> C6H6 + CH4

    In that process I know that the reaction occurs at 300ÂșC at a reactor with a % of excess of a 20% and a % at a conversion at 90%.

    The stream resulted of the reactor it was cooled with the objective of separate the benzene by condensation.

    I need to know which the work temperature and pressure of condenser.

    I know that benzene and toluene are in equilibrium in condenser. Than I have a steam and liquid streams in equilibrium. This way, considering at a ideal case, and using the laws of Raoult and Dalton, I thought that:


    P - Work pressure of condenser
    T - Work temperature of condenser
    Pv - Pressure steam of component in function of T
    X - molar fraction of liquid component in equilibrium with steam
    Y - molar fraction of steam component in equilibrium with liquid

    And I just know these fractions, nothing more.

    The problem is that I can't solve it this way. I think that I need more information, perhaps a pressure steam? :?

    PS: Forgive me my bad english.

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    I think you mean vapor when you write "steam".

    There will be a range of temperatures in the condenser because concentrations of both vapor and liquid change so the condensing temperature changes. There isn't a single temperature where toluene and benzene suddenly separate. You might have to condense most of the toluene and some of the benzene, then remove that liquid phase and condense a benzene-rich liquid from the remaining vapor phase.

    I think you need to generate a cooling curve using Peng Robinson or one of the others. It's been a while. I'm rusty.

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