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Thread: What's this material ?

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    I found this on a website :

    This is an awesome discrepant event for your most advanced 'density' students! When this solid white object is placed in water, it initially sinks. Wait about 60 seconds, and it mysteriously floats to the surface. When removed and placed in different water, it continues to float initially and, in about 60 seconds, mysteriously sinks. Why? How can this be? Great for demonstrating how temperature can affect an object's density! In the experiment described above, the first beaker contained hot water from the tap; the second beaker contained ice water.

    Does anybody knows which material is used ?

    I know that it's a plastic but which one ???


    The French one !

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    are you sure its a plastic, i think cartiledge(sp?) has about the right density for that

    and so the balance of power shifts...
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