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Thread: chemistry of carcinogens in diesel exhaust

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    hey guys,

    im a student at bellingen high doing my senior chemistry research project on the "chemistry of carcinogens in diesel exhaust".
    i've found lots of reports on this subject, but was wondering if anyone had any websites on which i could find chemical equations and reactions (as this is the whole point of the project - the chemistry of...)???
    Or any useful information would be greatly appreciated!!


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    At this point I can only venture the humble opinion that you might be overreaching, trying to do too much in a single project,

    You'd have your hands full even if you split the project into two parts, either dealing with the chemical reactions that produce all of the exhaust products, or evaluating the carcinogenic nature of the exhaust components without caring how they were formed.

    For now we suggest you provide us with a list of compounds of interest and see what anyone wants to contribute, one way or another.

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