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    hi! i need ur help guys.. i'm a computer engineering student and we have our thesis and we plan to propose something like smoke to dust transformation.. a filtering system that's knda automated.. since we know that pollution is a common problem. now my question is.. is there a chemical which can actually transform a smoke into dust? something that is non-toxic?

    wat we plan to build is something like.. once the smoke enters an exhaust fan, the fumes of smoke will then be contained in a tube-like container and upon meeting the specific amount of smoke, it will then emit an equivalent reagent thus turning smoke into dust.

    therefore, i really really need a help here guys.. is there a chemical reagent that can transform fumes of smoke into dust? tnx guys.. and.. sori if my english is bad..

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    well smoke is a mix of carbon oxides and ash(carbon) as far as i know, so your best bet would be to filter it through water and create carbonic acid.
    which you colud then react with some form of metal.

    during the reaction you could also hravest the hydrogen benig realesed, and use it as an alternative energy.
    so not only do you combat smoke, but you create a clean energy

    and so the balance of power shifts...
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