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    Does anybody know of any good places i can buy sodium metal in the UK?
    I have decided not to make it by the electrolosis of molten potassium hydroxide and have given in to buying it.
    All suggestions welcomed

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    Good idea. You will not get much sodium from potassium hydroxide.

    It is possible to order sodium metal from various supply houses. I am familiar with some here in the USA but none in the UK. I imagine you have similar companies but you will have to find them yourself.

    The problem is that these supply houses do not sell their chemicals to individuals. You would have to be either an established business or a school. There may still be other restrictions.

    I would suggest you try to work with one of your teachers in obtaining your chemicals and other equipment.

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    i remember that at uni we used little aluminium tins filled with sodium metal to "seed" liquid copper prior to alloying it with aluminium for making aluminium bronze

    so any non-ferrous metallurgy laboratory may have some in stock or failing that would know where to get it from
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