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Thread: Is there an alternative to baking soda for cleaning battery acid on material?

  1. #1 Is there an alternative to baking soda for cleaning battery acid on material? 
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    I have gotten a bit of residue from a leaking battery on to a vinyl table pad. The typical paste for neutralizing acid is mostly baking soda with a small amount of water, but the mixture is the opposite for cleaning vinyl. I'm afraid that if I use the second composition, then there won't be enough baking soda to remove the substance from the table. However, if I use the first one, then I might damage the pad or make a terrible mess. Is there anything that can fully clean the battery acid without weakening the vinyl?

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    If it is only a small amount just try water, this will dilute any acid and if you add enough water it will get rid of it. If there are any insoluble compounds/components present it might help if you tell us what kind of battery it is (lead-acid, NiCad, zin alkaline etc).

    However, try the mixture you know does not damage the vinyl, this will at least remove some of the acid. If it doesn't get rid of all of it do it again, and again, until it does...

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