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    A 35.52mL aliquot of a 0.4000M of monoprotic acid HA is extracted with 20.00mL of diethyl ether. Titration of the extracted aqueous solution required 23.50mL of 0.3000M NaOH. Calculate the distribution coefficient of compound HA.

    I was wondering if anyone can direct me in the right way to solve this problem,as i have no idea on how to solve it at all. This is a college level question.

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    I like this question, I'm going to give it to my A level class!

    The first bit is a straight titration calculation. The diethyl ether will only extract the undissociated HA not the dissociated ions (which will be in the aqueous layer) so this will give you the concentration of H+ (and therefore A-) in your original sample.
    Subtract this concentration from the 0.4 M to get the concentrations of undissociated acid.

    Slap them into the Ka expression, then you're done.

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