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Thread: How to make a transparent water based semi fluid?

  1. #1 How to make a transparent water based semi fluid? 
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    I would like some help with a project I am working on if anyone can help? I would like to find a cheap and simple way to make a water based gel or semi fluid substance, using ingredients that can be easily obtained. It needs to have the following properties:

    - transparent or at least translucent.
    - water based so I can mix it with a water based fluorescent dye solution.
    - semi fluid but stiff enough to be mouldable and hold its shape. Like butter.
    - it should be possible to remould it by hand repeatedly.

    I have thought of acrylic paint, but this might go off in the end even though it would be sealed between two layers of flexible plastic. If anyone has any better suggestions, could you let me know?

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    I'm not sure if it would meet all of your requirements but the first thing I thought of was sodium polyacrylate (often sold in garden centres as Hydrogel crystals). They are pretty cheap so it may be worth a try.

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