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Thread: Why we don't spontaneously combust! ;)

  1. #1 Why we don't spontaneously combust! ;) 
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    One for the SHC cranks and fools to read!

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    Something from there popped into my eyes..

    "The possible resonance forms in which electrons can be distributed in the dioxygen diradical".....

    I never heard about this one...

    Growing up, i marveled at star-trek's science, and ignored the perfect society. Now, i try to ignore their science, and marvel at the society.

    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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