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Thread: How can I accelerate my laboratory practise?

  1. #1 How can I accelerate my laboratory practise? 
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    Im actually working on a pharmaceutical industry as a quality control analyst. Well, our lab. chief told me that "you should accelerate your lab. works."they said it Because Im not accustomed to this kind of work for more than 2 years. My chemistry 4 year background was at 2 years back.

    I need your suggestions to improve my lab. practise in pharmaceutical quality control lab.

    I have psychological focussing problem, also my hands accustomed to hard works (like carpenter, carrier) before.
    Also Im not heedful, i always forget much more things when i do my work tasks..

    Chemical Subjects

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    Make sure you have enough of common items (such as pipette tips, solutions, buffers, eppendorf tubes, racks, etc), instead of running around trying to find more in the middle of your assays. Also check that all needed equipment is up and running.

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    My experience with lab work, is to know exactly what equipment you'll be using, in what order, over what time frame, and what you're aiming on achieving, before you even walk into the situation.
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