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Thread: Addition of copper ii sulfate solution to ammonia

  1. #1 Addition of copper ii sulfate solution to ammonia 
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    When ammonia is first added to a solution of copper(II) sulfate, which compound forms first--copper(II) hydroxide or tetraaminecopper ii ion [ Cu(NH3)4 2+ ] ? When more CuSO4 is added, the Cu(OH)2 precipitate increases. What I get is that Cu(NH3)4 2+ is more stable so it forms first, and when there is enough Cu(NH3)4 2+ and more CuSO4 added,giving more Cu2+, the first reaction becomes slower and that lets OH- and Cu2+ form the Cu(OH)2 precipitate. Do I get it right? And if so, why is it the same when adding ammonia to the solution? (which means there's more ammonia than CuSO4)

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