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Thread: Does toothpaste chemicals may be damage to our health?

  1. #1 Does toothpaste chemicals may be damage to our health? 
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    Note: My english isnt well.
    Everyone knows toothpaste's has chemicals in variety. Floride is the main chemical. But how do you know if its not harm your health in the future?
    May be it cause cancer in the future. So what precautions do you take when you brush your teeths?
    How long have you brush your teeths?
    Are you take mouthwash while you doing this?
    Does toothpaste chemicals harm to human body?

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    The main Brand name toothpastes are safe. They have been extensively tested prior to being distributed to the public and have been used by the public for years without problems. Regardless of what the idiot fringe posters on the internet say, the floride compounds in tooth paste are safe at the strength that is in the product. Floride compounds are very benificial in preventing tooth decay. For optimum results brush your teeth as soon as you can after eating and brush after every meal. Brush for 2 minutes, using a soft bristle tooth brush. It is also a good idea to floss yourt teeth daily. A good thing to remember : " As soon as you stop eating your food, your food starts eating your teeth." Actually it is not your food but the bacteria in your mouth which is feeding on the tiny fragments of food on the surfaces of your teeth and releasing biological acids which attack the mineral surfaces of your teeth.

    My dentist is unimpressed with mouth washes.

    Tooth paste chemicals should not cause the human body any harm as long as you use them as recommended. Tooth paste is not food so don't make a meal of it. It is not a wound dressing, so don't use it as one.

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    your teeth falling out is even more damaging to your health
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