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Thread: High School Experiments with PFC Chemicals

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    Wondering if any of you could give me an idea about science projects that a high school student could do with PFC chemicals.

    It's a 6 month project that should be advanced enough to write a full paper on (abstract, intro, discussion, etc.).

    Preferably something where I don't have to use an equipment from the local university.

    I've come up with:

    Effect of PFC Chemicals on the Daphnia Pulex and surrounding environment

    If any of you could help me with something a bit more advanced and complex... that would be great. I have a couple more weeks to think about the topic.

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    Thanks in advance! I'd love to do an experiment and write about this chemical, I'm just not sure where to go with it. The teachers prefer an Effect of (independent variable: which is PFC Chemicals) on ______ (dependent variable).

    Or something like that. Someone older than me did a project where he tested how photolytic derivated of a chemical (where it was irradiated at different lengths of time) effected its carcinogenic properties. He tested those irradiated chemicals on fruit flies to see if they became more toxic and led to more mutation). Ended up the chemicals irradiated for 120 minutes were harsher than ones irradiated for 60 minutes

    ^Just as an example on the level of experiments we do.

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