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Thread: Hydrogen Poly sulfide or Sulfur?

  1. #1 Hydrogen Poly sulfide or Sulfur? 
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    I treated Sodium Polysulfide with 30% Acetic Acid and got a light pale precipitate which seemed to me slightly off colour for elemental Sulfur, and have read that Hydrogen Polysulfide is a similar colour.

    Which one do I have?


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    One of the complications you face is nucleophilic substitution on the sulfur atoms by sulfur anions displacing other sulfur anions. The consequence of this is that the mixture will be dynamically equilibrating with disproportionation as a possible end result.

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    I don't entirely understand the theory you've just described but I think you're saying if H2Sx was a product it would disproportionate into Sulfur and presumably H2S?

    I will attempt to test this by adding the yellowish powder to hot NaOH and see if the solution goes red due to the presence of Sulfur, or would this also happen for H2Sx?
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