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Thread: Problems Preparing phosphate buffer and cinnamic acid

  1. #1 Problems Preparing phosphate buffer and cinnamic acid 
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    Hi, i'm facing problem preparing phosphate buffer and cinnamic acid

    For phosphate buffer, i need to prepare it to PH 8.5. I got no problems preparing it but my sv ask to add 1mM mercaptoethanol. I got confused because i found nobody adding it into the phosphate buffer solution (i sarch on the internet). If i had to add it, should i add the mercaptoethanol in both solution A and B before i combine it or after i combine solution A and B

    For cinnamic acid, i had prepared 1mg/mL stock for standard curve. But after i kept it in the freezer, i found out it was not dissoved. When i prepared it, it is fully dissolved! i prepared it using 13 mL DMSO then i add distilled water little by little until 100mL to make sure it is dissolved.

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