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Thread: preparation of sodium carbonate

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    Hello everyone

    i have a lab in chemistrey about the preparation of sodium carbonate next week and i have some questions about it.
    we will put NaCl with water and a concentrated ammonia solution in a beaker , so we waite till the NaCl can't be dissolved because the solution is saturated with it.
    then we pour the supernatant into a tube, and put this tube in a bath at 40C and bubbling CO2 until the appearance of a precipitate of NaHCO3.

    so my questions are: - what is the composition of solution in the beaker after it's staurated with NaCl ?
    - what are the acid-base reactions ? how can i calculate the pH of the reaction?
    - why have we to put the tube at 40C?

    soory i have so many questions but i really need your help .

    thank u so much
    i will wait your answers

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    The reactions that you are doing are the basis of the Solvay Process. This is one of the classic industrial chemical processes. It is not used so much now, as sodium carbonate can be made directly from trona, a mineral that occurs in various places such as Wyoming.

    I suggest that you find some sites that discuss the Solvay Process and read through them.

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    Ok i going to do it
    thank you
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