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Thread: Just some general chemistry questions.

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    I suck at Chemistry so please help me out here-

    a) ‘Atoms consist mainly of empty space with their mass concentrated at the centre’ .......... but what does this actually mean and why are the electrons so far away from the nucleus?

    b) 'electrons exist in discrete energy levels in atoms'. Again, what does this mean?

    This is an assignment from school-

    17-Cl, 11-Na, 10-Ne, 6-C, 9-F, 1-H

    1) Which two of the above atoms form an ionic compound that is used as a flavour enhancing condiment for food and name the species that make up this compound. Also show the structure of this compound.

    2) There is another 2 of these atoms which make up the major component of natural gas which two are they.

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    a: that like 99,99999% of the mass and more is at one single point in the center, kinda like the sun just that its alot heavier relativly that is. Why its so far away? well as for bhor model its cause the angular momentum is quantizied aswell and the first distance where its suitible is at a large distance.

    b: that there is a bunch if energy levels the electrons can take and only them, there is no energy level between 2 of all this levels. Just them no more you cant take any other one.

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    1. The first two form NaCl which would be table salt. Sodium and Chloride ions make Sodium Chloride

    2. Natural gas is mostly hydrocarbons (made up of hydrogen and carbon)
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    a) There is what appears to us to be between the nucleus of an atom and the electrons. Taken to scale, it's also an insane relative distance between the two. What is occurring are coloumbic interactions between the electrons and the protons due to opposing equal charges.

    b) This is a fantastic question. What it means is that if you have an electron you would like to excite to a higher energy level you have to hit the baseline amount of energy required in order to do so. I think the best way to make sense of it is to use analogies. Say that you're in your car and it only has 2 settings, stop and 50mph. In order to get to 50mph you have to start your car and put your foot on the gas. Until your engine is giving out enough energy to move the car at 50 mph it won't move at all, but as soon as you do your car will suddenly be going 50 mph without going through speeds less than that.
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