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Thread: Daddy Long Legs Contaminating Edible Foods/Liquids

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    Hey guys,

    I left some water outside after bbq'ing yesterday and it's alot of water, perfectly clean and drinkable. Overnight I guess one of those "Daddy Long Legs" spider thingy's got into it and I took it out this morning. I was just about to dump all the water when I thought, "hey theres alot of water here, and it might still be drinkable even though this happened?". I know I hear everyone say that they're the most poisonous spider/arachnid on earth or whatever they say, but could that sort of poison seep into the water? It's a couple gallons of water and I'd really rather not throw it out. Daddy long legs can inject poison into critters but could it emit poison as well? I just want to be safe but I also want to try and save these gallons of drinking water if I could. I figure this is a question for a true science type person who would be able to handle this type of dilemma with an easy answer. Thanks again guys. All the best.

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    I suppose that you first need to know for certain what kind of 'long-legs' that you have but I rather doubt that you have anything to worry about. If the 'daddy long legs' in these parts were poisonous, I do not doubt that either my horses of myself would have noticed some ill effect by now. Daddy Longlegs

    Daddy long legs must get into all sorts of open water supplies and I have never heard of any poisoning related to them.

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    thank you so much. i'm so glad i dont have to toss all this good water out! ur a life saver. and a smart one at that. I guess it could only really even have a less than halfway decent chance of poisoning me if i were to swallow one whole, huh? did some googling and found they're not as poisonous as people say they are. it's all a matter of perspective (size matters, in the end, lol). i did have a friend who found one in his food the other day too and ended up eating as well without knowing (we found a few legs hanging off, cali is full of arachnids....oy vey). pretty gross stuff. hopefully none of this is poisonous...i pray to god
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