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Thread: Purifying Starch at Home

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    I'd like to purify starch I extracted from a vegetable at my house. I've read about purifying starch with Schweizer's reagent- so if I did that, would the starch precipitate and the cellulose dissolve? Would starch precipitated from a solution of Schweizer's reagent still be edible? Any other suggestions about ways to purify starch at home?


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    are you making the reagent yourself? also i doubt it will be 100% pure

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    This seems overly complicated...

    Tetraamminecopper(II) sulfate isn't toxic, so if there are traces in there, you could still eat it.. However, you shouldn't mix chemicals like that with food. Not by yourself at least.

    Try precipitation with salt, oil, or filtration. The usual ways of separating edible stuff..
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