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    Hi there I'm a Glass design student currently studying at UCA. I've been research into kiln firing free standing glass and am in need of some help.

    currently to create a cast glass piece you need a mould to fire the glass into. This takes a huge amount of time and cost, and also leaves behind residue of the mould.

    I tried previously to use sodium silicate to set the glass prior to firing it, however because the sodium silicate did not burn out it left the glass crumbling.

    so in short i'm after some advice on an adhesive substance that will burn out at around 750 degrees celsius, that i can set in a shape and then leave free standing to fire.

    any help would be much appreciated!

    Regards, Georgina Rogers

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    I remember using a can of generic brand hairspray as a temporary adhesive on glass materials back in the day, but I never did specialize in glass. Rock, hammer and chisel was always my first love.

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